About This Site...

For those who work in ministry, we all have the need for great art and graphics. Whether you're an Administrative Assistant, an Audio-Visual Tech, or a Pastor, you've probably found yourself looking for that one great piece of clip-art to enhance a bulletin or slide. 

This site is for you...and it's all FREE.

This site is offered as a ministry of itself. The graphics within were all designed by the site's creator, Scott Nellis, a former Ministry Coordinator at a Lutheran Church. I have a bachelor's degree in graphic design, and I love to share design tips with others in ministry. The purpose of this site is simply to offer original artwork and graphics for free, provided it is not used for any resale purposes.

We invite you to download any of the images and photographs on this site and use them in your church publications. The black-and-white illustrations work best when used in Word or Publisher documents that will be photocopied. They work well for bulletin covers, or as clip art in a monthly newsletter.

The photographs are designed for use as slides in a worship service. Feel free to place them in PowerPoint or MediaShout, adding text on top of the photograph.

My Personal Philosophy On The Free Sharing Of Art And Ideas...
While I believe that artists and photographers should be paid for their work, I also believe artists and photographers should be willing to offer some of their work free-of-charge for church use. I say this as an artist myself. Ministry is not-for-profit, and therefore many churches don't have huge budgets to spend on these extra aesthetics.

It's my belief that churches should strive for the same high-level professionalism as any other business in the world...and professional-looking printed materials are a key part of that. Churches should excel in many areas—love, grace, forgiveness, and acceptance are the most obvious areas in which churches should excel. The "not-so-obvious" areas that churches should excel are their music programs, their preaching, the welcoming atmosphere of their building, their sanctuary seating, their refreshments, their nursery, their bathroom facilities, and yes, the professionalism of their printed materials. Excellence in everything...because our faith is worth it.

I can't do much to help church sanctuaries or nurseries, but I can offer some good design to help churches look as professional as possible. Enjoy.

Scott Nellis, Graphic Designer and creator of Church Graphics

To download any file on this site:  
Click on image; When image is enlarged, Ctrl+Click (Mac) or Right-Click (Windows) and "Save Image As" to your desktop.